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Located on the 68th floor of the world`s tallest 5* hotel, Weslodge Saloon offers the best panoramic views of Dubai’s stunning skyline and the iconic Burj Khalifa. The extremely popular venue is a modern interpretation of the classic American saloon and boasts an award-winning food program, a stylish dining room, and a buzzing cocktail bar.

In its sister venue in Toronto, Weslodge is known for its lively and interactive entertainment and music program and Weslodge Dubai carries on this tradition with an upbeat soundtrack of old school hip hop, 1980’s classics, rock, and signature American beats.

Weslodge’s cocktails are presented in the same manner as their award-winning North American dishes i.e. with passion and craft. Their house-made ingredients elevate classic cocktails with innovative and exciting twists to make this world-class cocktail bar an experience not to be missed in Dubai.

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